Add Beneficiary


Overview: A French company/legal entity must register its Ultimate Beneficial Owners in the French Trade Register.

Purpose: Add a beneficiary of a company/legal entity

Main specifications:

  • Beneficiary is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of a company/legal entity, meaning a natural person who has control over a company/legal entity via, for instance, holding 25% or more of the share capital in a company/legal entity
  • Multiple registrations simultaneously are possible
  • Only a natural person may be registered
  • In case of a change in the composition of the beneficiaries, the company/legal entity is obliged to report the changes to the German Trade Register

Registering authority: the French Trade Register

Term of registration: 7-10 working days

Personal presence: Optional

Conditions for registration:

  • Beneficiary – Minimum 1 (maximum – unlimited) natural person of any nationality
  • A statement by a natural person stating that he is the Beneficiary of a company/legal entity

Required documents:

  • Passport or European ID card (for all associated persons)
  • Proof of residential address not older than 3 months (for all associated natural persons)
  • Signed UBOs register of the company/legal entity



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